General Conditions for Freight Forwarding

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 12

Article 2 - Liability

Panalpina shall organize, at its own discretion, unless otherwise instructed by the client, and shall devote its best attention to the organization of the transport, carriage and storage of the entrusted goods. Panalpina shall select the most appropriate means and mode of transport, as well as storage locations.


Panalpina's liability shall be defined as follows:

  • As forwarding agent: the General Conditions for Freight Forwarding by Panalpina (GCFP).
  • As storage keeper: the General Conditions for Storage of goods by Panalpina (GCSP).
  • As carrier: the General Conditions for Carriage of goods by Panalpina, with its own vehicles (GCCP).