General Conditions for Freight Forwarding

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 12

Article 3 - Limitation of Liability

Panalpina's liability will, in any case, amount to a maximum of:

a) property damage:

  • US $ 1'000.-- as Forwarding Agent, when organizing transport

b) loss and/or damage to the goods:

  • US $ 10'000.-- as Forwarding Agent, when organizing transport
  • US $ 10'000.-- as Storage keeper, when storing goods in its premises/warehouses
  • US $ 10'000.-- as Carrier, when effecting the transport by own means of transport

c) delay

In case of delay, if the parties to the contract have stipulated in writing a liability of Panalpina for delay and the claimant proves that damage has resulted therefrom, Panalpina shall pay compensation for such damage not exceeding the carriage charges.


In case of cumulation of different kinds of damages as property damage with loss or property damage and damage to the goods, Panalpina remuneration shall not exceed the limits provided for in this article for each liability.