General Conditions for Freight Forwarding of Goods (GCFP)

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 9

Article 3 - Conclusion of the Freight Forwarding Contract

The transport order must be given to Panalpina in written and contain the following instructions:

  • kind of merchandise and description of classification (e.g. dangerous goods)
  • value of the goods, if necessary and required
  • type of packing with contents, numbers, quantity and weight (gross/net) of packages
  • addresses of shipper/consignee
  • place of receipt/delivery
  • instructions and conditions in respect of shipment, method of transportation (sea / air / road / express / groupage / breakbulk / containerised cargo, etc.)
  • special instructions in respect of customs clearance, issue of documents, etc.

In absence of clear express instructions, Panalpina is entrusted to organize the transport order by selecting the most appropriate means and mode of transport.


In the case of verbally given transport orders, these must be confirmed by letter, telex or fax. It is the responsibility of the shipper to transmit this information correct and complete. It is not the obligation of Panalpina to check the given information. In the case of discrepancies, Panalpina will inform the shipper, principal or client in order to clarify the problem.


Panalpina shall elect, at its own discretion, to accept the freight forwarding instructions. There is no legal obligation. In case of acceptance, it shall confirm it by letter, telex or fax.