General Conditions for the Storage of Goods (GCSP)

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 16

Article 16 - Forfeiture and Period of Limitation/Set-off

Upon delivery, the consignee shall check the condition of the goods, the quantity, the number and weight of packages and shall immediately report any apparent defects and missing items. Should any irregularity or missing item not be immediately apparent, the consignee shall send due reservations in writing within 48 hours after delivery. Otherwise, any claims directed against Panalpina shall be forfeited.


In addition, the period of limitation for any action against Panalpina shall be one year as from the date of delivery, effective or planned, of the goods to the consignee.


Claims due to Panalpina for carriage and storage services, including costs and expenses, may by no means be set-off against other claims.