General Conditions for the Storage of Goods (GCSP)

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 16

Article 5 - Receipt of the Goods

Upon taking over the goods, Panalpina shall have only to check their apparent condition and eventually their packaging. In particular, Panalpina shall not have to verify either the contents or the declared value.


Only if the handed-over goods or their packaging appear to be defective or in bad condition, Panalpina shall have to advise the depositor accordingly. In this case, Panalpina shall list due reservations in the carriage or storage documents and shall make a written report.


Panalpina shall be entitled to rely upon information provided by the client who shall be liable to Panalpina for any prejudice and damage caused by the inadequacy or irregularity in the description and/or false or incomplete declaration of the goods.


Panalpina shall not be obliged to accept goods, which are pledged or encumbered with costs and expenses, such as collection on delivery , freight, customs duties, taxes, etc., except if the depositor has previously provided sufficient advance on expenses. Panalpina shall not be obliged, but may be authorized, to pay, on behalf of the client, freight costs, custom duties, etc.. The client shall have to reimburse Panalpina for any disbursements plus usual interest rates charged by banks.


Panalpina is entitled to request the immediate withdrawal of the goods, which have been subject to a false or incomplete declaration or are not proper for storage, or to withdraw from the storage contract.


The client shall be liable for any prejudice and damage caused by his negligence to Panalpina or any third party in connection with the storage of the goods.