General Conditions for the Storage of Goods (GCSP)

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 16

Article 6 - Storage Receipt

For any stored goods, a storage receipt shall be issued in duplicate, a copy of which the client shall return duly signed.


The storage receipt is not negotiable; therefore, it may not be either assigned or pledged.


Panalpina is authorized to deliver the stored goods to the person entitled to dispose of the goods without producing or returning the storage receipt , and to comply with his instructions.


The storage receipt shall not constitute evidence that the goods are still stored on behalf of the original client. Outgoing goods shall not be recorded on the storage receipt.


The particulars contained in the storage receipt in respect of the quantity, weight, nature, characteristics, condition, contents, value, quality, etc. of the goods shall not be legally binding upon Panalpina.


The client shall have to notify Panalpina immediately of any change of address and shall be responsible for any consequences sustained through oversight.