General Conditions for the Storage of Goods (GCSP)

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 16

Article 7 - Right of Disposals

The person on whose behalf the goods have been stored shall be defined as the person who has the right of disposal, or his lawful successors.


Panalpina is not obliged to verify the genuineness or authority of the signatories to any communications, instructions or documents affecting the disposal of the goods unless agreed in writing with the client. Where there is such agreement client has to submit to Panalpina in writing sample signatures of the person or persons authorised to dispose of the goods and receipt of such sample signature has to be acknowledged in writing by Panalpina.


The client may, upon written instructions to Panalpina, assign the stored goods together with the right of disposal thereof, to a third party.


Upon receipt of the assignment notification, Panalpina shall be authorized to comply with the instructions of the original depositor. The latter, however, shall be liable for the performance of his contract obligations and Panalpina shall be liable, as before, for the stored goods within the provisions under article 13.