General Conditions for the Storage of Goods (GCSP)

by PANALPINA (hereafter called Panalpina)

Articles 1 - 16

Article 9 - Handling and Inspection of the Goods during Storage

During storage, Panalpina shall not be obliged to regularly verify the apparent condition of the goods or its packaging. In addition, there is no legal obligation to take care, inspect or maintain the stored goods or its contents, unless otherwise instructed in writing by the client. In this case, the client shall be liable for the payment of any additional costs.


Should during storage, any negative changes in the apparent condition of the goods or its packaging become noticeable to Panalpina, as well as any changes susceptible to jeopardize the other stored goods, Panalpina shall be entitled, without consulting the depositor and at the expense of the latter, to take all necessary steps in order to alleviate the danger becoming liable for any consequential damage or reducing the damage.


The client shall have the right to inspect and verify the goods during regular business hours. He shall have to comply with the instructions of the storage employees.


The client and his representatives entitled to inspect and verify goods shall have to show their credentials. Panalpina may request that the inspection and verification shall be performed only in the presence of a Panalpina's representative.


 Any handling of the goods may be performed only with Panalpina 's written consent.


During inspection, verification or handling of the goods by the client or his representatives in Panalpina's storage premises, Panalpina shall be liable for loss or damage to the goods, only to the extent that the negligence caused by the company or its employees can be demonstrated.


Upon termination, verification and handling, Panalpina may request a joint checking of the condition and the quantity of the goods and a written acknowledgment from the client.