Panalpina offers forwarding services along with logistics support and supply chain management. Please note that Panalpina does not handle transportation of personal effects, nor household goods for any private individual.

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Global Sustainable Action Week

Panapina has held an annual event dedicated to sustainability since 2014. In September 2016, Panalpina employees in all regions rolled up their sleeves to volunteer in their communities for Global Sustainable Action Week. The events focused on a range of topics from improving our environment to personal health and community improvement. To help make a difference, team members participated in events such as planting trees, donating blood, helping out at schools and social centers, and running to collect donations for charities. Partnering with various charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Plan International, and UNICEF, Panalpina held almost 400 activities in 60 locations. 

In 2015, Panalpina held its first Global Sustainable Action Day, an event dedicated to highlighting Panalpina’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement around the world. Following similar events in previous years, Panalpina employees engaged in a wide range of activities, including volunteering for local charities, collecting food and clothing for people in need, and participating in cleaning and restoration work in local parks and natural areas.

Around the world, over 500 activities were organized by the local Panalpina offices. The activities were planned with local environmental or community needs in mind, and consisted of a wide range of charitable, volunteer and educational programs.

For more information on what activities took place across the globe, please download our Corporate Sustainability Report 2015.