Panalpina and TomTom Renew Agreement for Air Freight

May 13, 2011

TomTom has renewed its agreement with Panalpina to ship several of its GPS products by air freight from China to the US. Through the agreement, the world’s leading provider of navigation products and services has also awarded Panalpina with the shipment of the recently unveiled Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom. The SportWatches are flown from Hong Kong with Panalpina’s ‘Dragon Wings’ own-controlled freighter service.

“We are very satisfied with how Panalpina has handled our air import from China to the US in the past year,” explained Doug Kahn, vice president of operations, TomTom, Inc. “Service out of Dallas Fort Worth was immaculate and we also believe that Panalpina’s Intrac track and trace system is superior to anything we’ve utilized before.

New assignment involving a ‘game-changing’ product

The renewed cooperation involves the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom. Following the January 2011 introduction of the “game-changing” product, Panalpina offered to serve TomTom with its exclusive new mid-week and weekend 747 own-controlled freighter service ‘Dragon Wings’ from Hong Kong. Over the next four months, the Sportwatches will be shipped to Dallas Fort Worth for sale online and in stores across the US.

Richard Peate, Industry Vertical Hi-Tech United States at Panalpina, said: “Panalpina will continue to provide TomTom with the same high level of customer service and state-of-the-art systems for sophisticated tracking, tracing and reporting while at the same time reducing TomTom’s transportation costs.”

“TomTom’s needs are addressed immediately,” said Latoya Taylor, TomTom Account Supervisor at Panalpina in Dallas Fort Worth. “Our reporting allows TomTom to gauge expedited service use and convey expenses to their sales team to ensure enhanced planning.” Ken Bagley, Business Unit Sales Manager and TomTom’s Sales contact, added, “Renewal was based on Panalpina being able to reduce logistic costs by at least 5% over 2010 while maintaining the high quality service conferred in 2010. They wanted and received a best buy.

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