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Panalpina offers forwarding services along with logistics support and supply chain management. Please note that Panalpina does not handle transportation of personal effects, nor household goods for any private individual.

If you have a regular contact person at Panalpina, please enter the name in the form so that your request will be forwarded accordingly.

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Case Study 1

From Malabo to Manila via air freight

Sikorsky S76 Helicopter from Malabo to Manila via air freight

A successful mobilization of a helicopter owned by CHC Helicopters International was organized by Panalpina Vancouver with the help of Panalpina Equatorial Guinea and Panalpina’s Air Freight Division.

Making use of Panalpina's worldwide network

This demanding operation included air freighting a special 18 foot long shipping skid from Vancouver to Malabo using Panalpina’s African Star service, and then shipping the helicopter by 747 freighter to Manila via Luxembourg.


Panalpina Equatorial Guinea played a key role, arranging for all local services in Malabo and providing vital support to CHC’s engineers. The big bird was then palletized at the PanGuineaCargoCenter (a joint venture between Guinea Cargo and Panalpina).

A challenging task demanding ultra-precision

Loading of such a helicopter into a 747 freighter was a challenging task, considering a fuselage height of almost 10 feet and length of 43 feet. Every detail was carefully prepared in advance, and the loading was executed successfully.

Panalpina Air Freight in Luxembourg arranged for space on a MK 747F from Malabo back to Luxembourg. The CHC engineers flew with the helicopter and supervised loading and unloading. In Luxembourg, Panalpina Air Freight ensured the helicopter was parked safely until it was loaded onto a Cargolux 747F flight to Manila, where the helicopter is now being used by CHC on an oilfield exploration support contract.

"I knew I would not have to worry anymore..."

CHC, the world’s largest helicopter company, has relied on Panalpina for many years to help mobilize and demobilize their helicopters to support their overseas operations.

The General Manager of Base Operations for CHC Helicopters International commented:

"We knew that mobilizing C-GIMU from Africa to the Philippines would be a very challenging operation with tight time lines. But as usual, I had asked Panalpina to develop a range of suitable logistical options for us, so we would be ready. When the time came to move this aircraft, I only needed to make a phone call to Panalpina and knew I would not have to worry anymore about safe delivery of our helicopter. Indeed, once again, I was not disappointed, since our Sikorsky S-76 arrived safe and sound in Manila and has since made its first flight to the oil rig."