Case Study 2

From Belgium to French Guyana via air freight

The Customer

Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV), a leading international helicopter transport company that specializes in various types of helicopter transport for corporate customers (on- and offshore) and various governmental agencies.

The Challenge

NHV required one AS365N3 and one EC155B1 helicopter to be shipped from Ostend, Belgium to Cayenne, French Guyana via air freight. There are no scheduled 747 freighter flights to Cayenne, meaning that there are few options to deliver the helicopters, apart from a very expensive full charter.

The Solution

Panalpina combined two of its existing own-controlled network 747F flights to offer the customer a very cost-effective and fast delivery option:

  • Dixie jet service from Luxembourg to Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Diversion of weekly own controlled 747F flight from Huntsville, Alabama to Viracopos, Brazil – making a stop in Cayenne.

Careful cargo handling of highly valuable and oversized cargo

Our flexible routing solutions and highly experienced cargo handling facilities resulted in considerable cost savings and timely delivery while also providing more secure handling with our own controlled internal network.

Passion for Solutions

At Panalpina, we value our customer’s needs and offer flexible solutions for any size cargo.

A proven Panalpina approach comprised of a team with advanced industry knowledge experts, analyzing customer specific logistics, and implementing scalable solutions with in-house capabilities.