Liters of light, shoeboxes of supplies

Affordable and sustainable light at home is not a given, certainly not for the indigenous Dumagat mountain people. This last Global Sustainable Action Week, Panalpina Philippines teamed up with the My Shelter Foundation to provide the gift of light.

Liter of Light is a project focusing on providing light to communities in need, by using various easy to find materials and turning them into a sustainable solar lamp. Located in the mountain areas of Luzon, the Dumagat live with no source of electricity, which makes them a perfect recipient for the green initiative.


To show employees what exactly goes into making the solar lamps, the My Shelter Foundation organized a workshop for Panalpina to build the lamps for donation. Management and staff followed the direction of Ilac Diaz, the founder of Liter of Light, to assemble 100 solar lamps. Each finished lamp underwent inspection from the My Shelter Foundation to assure safety.

Along with the solar lamps, Panalpina donated 215 shoeboxes filled with school supplies and personal hygiene essentials to the children of the Dumagat. This was done in partnership with the Shoebox project.


On September 16, 2017, volunteers from Panalpina traveled to Angat Watershed, 65 kilometers north of Manila in the Bulacan province, to spend a day with the Dumagat. Over 100 Panalpina volunteers went from door to door to deliver the lamps and shoebox care packages to the villagers. In addition to the lamps, three solar light posts were installed in important hotspots of the village to give the residents even more light. 

“All of our volunteers returned home with great memories, and a lesson of appreciation from the Dumagats,” said Erseny Gacer, Philippines Country Head of QHSE. “This was yet another initiative that demonstrated the amazing spirit of Panalpina’s employees.”

**Below you can find the inspirational video documenting the event courtesy of Panalpina and My Shelter Foundation.