Panalpina and Natura announce partnership

Jul 13, 2011

Natura, the Brazilian blue chip company that produces cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products, has just signed a contract with Panalpina for the distribution of finished products throughout Latin America and France, and also for the storage of the products in Cajamar, São Paulo.

Panalpina will provide air freight services Brazil outbound to France and within Latin America including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru as of July 2011. Panalpina will also be responsible for the storage of 2,000 pallet positions in its warehouse in Cajamar, Sao Paulo.

Natura is the leading company in the Brazilian domestic market and is expanding its international operations. For this growth to be sustainable, the company looked for logistics companies that were aligned with their beliefs and values in order to establish a partnership and enhance the transport of its products. Ricardo Bittencourt, International Logistics Manager at Natura, commented that "we believe that Panalpina offers the best set of skills required to establish a solid partnership that will allow Natura to achieve the growth levels predicted. Panalpina was chosen as the logistics provider after a thorough assessment, based on three main issues: cost competitiveness in the services offered, levels of social engagement and concrete actions in the context of sustainability."

Natura currently has 1.2 million consultants selling its products. “We want to establish a new dynamic in the international operations, consolidating best practices currently used and developing new work methods that leverage the expertise in the area and to build more efficient logistics. This will allow us to offer a better quality of service to our consultants, who may have more flexibility in delivering products to their final customers," added Bittencourt.

Frederico Resende, Panalpina’s Area Trade Lane Development Manager Mercosur for Central and South America said: “Natura is a milestone for Panalpina’s operations in the region. And the collaboration is a unique opportunity for both companies to implement exemplary sustainable logistics solutions."

About Natura

Natura is the largest Brazilian manufacturer of cosmetics and beauty and personal hygiene products in the direct sales sector. Created in 1969 from a laboratory and small store in São Paulo, today the company possesses more than 6,000 collaborators, and in 2010 recorded net sales of R$ 5.1 billion, a growth of 21.2% in relation to the previous year. Net profit was R$ 744.1 million. Natura is present in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and France – where it maintains a store and a technology research satellite center. In Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras it operates through a distribution company. Its sales force is formed by more than 1.2 million consultants, with more than 1 million in Brazil and around 200,000 abroad.

About Panalpina

The Panalpina Group is one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions. The company combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. Drawing on in-depth industry know-how and customized IT systems, Panalpina manages the needs of its customers' supply chains, no matter how demanding they might be. Energy Solutions is a specialized service for the energy and capital projects sector. The Panalpina Group operates a global network with some 500 offices in more than 75 countries, and it works with partner companies in a further 90 countries. Panalpina employs 15,000 people worldwide who deliver a comprehensive service to the highest quality standards – wherever and whenever.