From bronze to gold - ensuring operational excellence

Whilst other logistics companies have continuous improvement initiatives, some even lean programs, Panalpina believes that few, if any, have realistically managed to fully integrate lean into their day-to-day business. We also noted that those other initiatives spawned from those with a logistics background.


Because we wanted to take this further we looked outside the industry for inspiration. We looked at where lean was first truly developed: in the manufacturing sector. The deployment of processes, techniques and people from this sector have been tried and tested.


We decided to bring these techniques into a logistics environment and created the LogEx pyramid which consists of three levels of excellence. These levels can be briefly described as follows:


Bronze: Standards are in place and formalized and the facility delivers consistent results over time. Results are measured through both internal and external KPIs and improvement is driven through 5s programs and plan/do/check/act methodologies.


Silver: A continuous improvement culture can already be seen at the facility as employees get involved in lean trainings and start delivering monthly improvements that are shared across the region. Focus is now on the customers through the deployment of more complex tools such as ‘voice of the customer’ and ‘value stream mapping’.


Gold: A deeply-rooted lean culture with continuous improvements has been established at the facility as employees become empowered to create their local training academies. This ensures that knowledge gets multiplied year after year.


Since inception of the LogEx program, 49 of Panalpina’s facilities have gained bronze status, four have reached silver and one gold status.


For further information about LogEx and how it can help improve your business, please contact Pia Caraccia.