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OSOD Timeline

June 2011

OSOD Campaign launched

July 2011

School rebuilding construction started


September 2011

School visit for onsite assessment and home visit

Panalpina delegation assessed the school reconstruction status, met teachers and schoolchildren, and visited their families to better understand everyday life in the area.


December 2011

OSOD Warm Winter Project

Panalpina donated warm clothing – snow boots, gloves, sweatshirts and pants – to all the schoolchildren to help them keep comfortable in winter.


April 2012

OSOD Certificates for customers

OSOD Certificates were presented to selected customers in appreciation of shipments contributing to the OSOD Campaign.



June 2012

OSOD Drawing Activity

Panalpina sponsored art supplies for a drawing activity. More than 100 students participated in portraying their new school, dreams and school lives through colorful pictures. Twelve outstanding drawings were printed on 2013 Panalpina Chinese Wall Calendar.


July 2012

School visit for construction inspection

Panalpina delegation inspected the construction site and building materials, to ensure the school was rebuilt in accordance with the plans and specifications.


OSOD Volunteer Team Internal Recruitment

Applications for volunteers were opened to more than 1,500 staff in 18 branches of Panalpina Greater China. A six-member team from Beijing, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Shenzhen was selected using strict criteria. The OSOD Volunteer Team was responsible for organizing and executing the Teaching Classes and Funfair activities on the School Opening Day.


August 2012

Staff Donation Campaign

More than 1,900 second-hand gifts – with consideration to being environmentally friendly – were collected from our staff throughout 18 branches in Greater China. All gifts were distributed on the School Opening Day or placed in the Panalpina Sowers Action Library.


September  2012

School reconstruction completed and school reopened

Panalpina School Opening Day held on September 21, 2012