School Opening Day

Sharing the joyful occasion with all the schoolchildren

On September 21, 2012, the Opening Ceremony, Teaching Classes and Funfair were held to celebrate the opening of Panalpina School. The Opening Day was full of joy and love. 


School Opening Ceremony

A simple yet formal opening ceremony was held with participation from the Panalpina Greater China management team, OSOD Volunteer Team, representatives from Sowers Action, local government officials, all school staff and schoolchildren.


Teaching Classes

With sufficient preparation and onsite support from teachers, the OSOD Volunteer Team delivered three interesting lessons for all schoolchildren. The schoolchildren responded to and interacted with their “temp teachers”, and enthusiastically learned new things.

  • Art and crafts lesson: Building Our School
  • English Learning lesson: Happy Clapping Olympics
  • Natural Science lesson: Our Animal Friends


Eight booth games, designed and organized by the OSOD Volunteer Team, were open for all schoolchildren. Each student received a bookmark with student drawings printed on, and collected Panalpina stickers, on winning game. The schoolchildren treasured every single sticker, and handpicked prizes not only for themselves, but also for their families.


They ran around the school with smiling faces, to play as many games as possible and win prizes collected through the Staff Donation Campaign (refer to OSOD Timeline). The school was full of happiness.