With Brexit around the corner, UK-related supply chains will likely need re-engineering, ranging from changes of mode of transport to adapted inventory strategies. The uncertainties about Brexit make it challenging for any company that exports out of the UK or imports into it, to prepare adequately for the time after March 29, 2019. Panalpina is continuously evaluating the situation from a supply chain perspective and remains in close contact with its customers that are affected by Brexit.


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The services we offer to secure your supply chain:

Panalpina Charter Network

  • Air bridge to/from the European continent to bypass congestion and delays at ports
  • Weekly scheduled Panalpina chartered flights from the UK to Europe
  • 24/7 capabilities to charter or part-charter aircraft
  • All types of cargo can be carried

Customs clearance at multiple ports or airports

  • Customs specialists are ready to support with information and advice on all elements of the customs requirements on importing and exporting to and from the UK

Warehousing and logistics across multiple sites in the UK

  • Long- or short-term warehousing to maintain supply chains in the UK
  • Flexible services and space for large or small volume requirements
  • Anything available from 50 to 5,000 square meters on a long- or short-term agreement
  • Value-added services to assist in preparing products for the UK market such as re-packing, labelling and quality control

Supply chain redesign

  • Panalpina experts provide supply chain redesign and optimization expertise and support 
  • Center of Gravity tools to define the most effective geographical set-ups for distribution or consolidation

We are committed to supporting our customers and partners in whatever way necessary to ensure the best possible flow of goods and information in these extraordinary times. To this end, Panalpina is also engaged in regular exchanges with the Freight Transport Association, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as government bodies.

If you have questions regarding Brexit and what it will likely mean for your supply chain, please contact us at A special task force will help you get the answers and individual solutions you need – irrespective of the final Brexit outcome.