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Panalpina Centre for Manufacturing and Logistics Research

Panalpina brings the latest in supply chain innovation to its customers through its collaboration with Cardiff University, one of the world’s leading institutes in applied research. The Panalpina Centre for Manufacturing and Logistics Research offers straightforward access to cutting-edge research and development.

Get the latest in market research and industry insights, develop tailored, digital supply chain solutions, and connect with academia in order to maximize the benefits of this unique partnership for your business.

Your benefits: Why come to PARC?

Address your logistics and manufacturing challenges with research-based innovation by working with PARC.

We offer a range of existing solutions together with the opportunity to develop new products, collaborate on research, and run workshops in order to help you:

  • Integrate digital technologies into your business
  • Reduce inventory in your global supply chain
  • Optimize supply chains by determining warehouse locations 
  • Bring finished products closer to end-customers
  • Reduce excess waste in supply chains
  • Improve transportation key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Incorporate or improve a reverse logistics service
  • Start innovating
  • Become more sustainable

What PARC offers

Develop your own solutions tailored for your business, while gaining access to existing, innovative products and commercial solutions. Through working with Cardiff University, Panalpina has developed several cutting-edge tools, including:

Core areas of research

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Distributed Manufacturing including Additive Manufacturing
  • Circular Economy
  • Transportation Optimization – Road and Rail

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