e-freight: The only way forward

In 2013, Panalpina became the first company in the world to achieve completely paperless flights for general air freight.


Following an industry-wide initiative to eliminate paperwork from the sky, which IATA kicked off in 2006, firms began working to this goal.


We are now at the front of the global e-freight race.



"Panalpina is showing great leadership in adopting e-freight and assisting our efforts in transforming the future of the air freight industry.”


Desmond Vertannes, global head of cargo at IATA.



Cutting the time, cost and environmental waste that paperwork adds to air freight – not to mention space – is an important and challenging mission.


Panalpina has met with much of the industry as well as authorities and invested significantly in people and IT to make e-freight a reality.


Always adding new routes

Expanding our e-freight network is no easy task. Every origin and every destination has its own rules and regulations, its own ground handling teams and its own processes – all of which must be carefully adapted to handle e-freight transports airport-to-airport.


At Panalpina, e-freight is driven by our experienced and motivated people on the ground who work tirelessly every day to establish new paperless routes.


We know that e-freight is the only way forward.