Better (be) safe with customer insurance

Panalpina’s customer insurance protects goods against loss or damage and gives peace of mind.

Safe and secure cargo shipments – that’s our commitment to you. Customer insurance gives you the added comfort of being protected against the unforeseen. 

From the first moment of handling, including transport-related storage until delivery to the final destination, goods are exposed to risks such as:


  • Dynamic forces during loading and unloading, and during land, sea or air transport
  • Handling operations such as transhipment of goods or containers to an intermediate destination
  • Storms, moisture or other weather conditions
  • Traffic accidents


Due to national and international laws and conventions or General Terms and Conditions, the carrier or forwarder is usually only liable to a limited extent – sometimes not at all.

Customer insurance does not prevent the unforeseen from happening, but it gives you peace of mind. It protects you from the financial consequences of the loss of or damage to your goods. Panalpina has an unbeatable offer. Your benefits:


  • Attractive all-in premiums
  • All-risks coverage
  • Full coverage of the insured value regardless of the forwarder’s or carrier’s liability
  • One-stop-shop: Panalpina handles transportation service, insurance coverage and claims
  • Fast and professional claims handling

Get peace of mind with our three types of customer insurance to protect your goods. What we offer:


1.       Cargo insurance

  • Covers goods during transport and transport-related storage across all modes of transport
  • A highly competitive insurance product powered by one of the best-known Swiss insurance companies and its international network partners
  • Storage related to a single shipment is covered for up to 120 days (the market norm is 60 days)


2.       Stock and transit insurance

  • Covers goods where storage (for an undetermined period of time), distribution as well as pre- and/or on-carriage across all modes of transport are involved


3.       Storage insurance

  • Only covers goods that are in storage in a warehouse for an undetermined period of time; transport is not covered

#bettersafe: Gain peace of mind at relatively low cost. Simply ask for Panalpina's customer insurance.


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