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Distributed Manufacturing

Distributed manufacturing is Panalpina’s response to a rapidly changing global manufacturing and supply chain landscape where speed-to-market, product customization and the influence of the end consumer are paramount.


Through distributed manufacturing, Panalpina lets you customize products and bring production closer to consumer demand by performing final manufacturing processes directly in our facilities. 


Distributed manufacturing has already redefined the role of the logistics service provider in modern supply chain management, and transformed the manufacturing and logistics strategies of many major organizations.

Your benefits

  • Reduced lead times as products are already located close to the end-customer, enabling rapid delivery of products to their final destination
  • Increased agility and flexibility through postponing manufacturing operations down the supply chain and closer to the end-user
  • Reduced obsolescence as products are finished at the final stage of the supply chain after an order is received
  • Lower inventory levels as multi-purpose components are stored and used only as required
  • Lower risks arising from market uncertainties such as erratic demand or fast-moving technologies
  • Minimal exposure to geopolitical risk as production of finished goods takes place directly at the point of consumption

What we offer

  • A global network of decentralized manufacturing facilities with advanced, technical capabilities
  • Inventory re-allocation according to local market demand
  • Final assembly, configuration and testing of a huge range of products
  • Production on-demand and the shortest possible lead-time to the end-customer
  • Integrated reverse logistics processes including repair, redistribution and recycling

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