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Remanufacturing, Repairs and Returns

Panalpina is driving the change from linear, take-make-dispose supply chains, to the circular supply chains of the future.


Our global network of screening, repair, remanufacturing and recycling services ensures that product lives are extended, and that natural resources are maximized in the supply chain.


Our mission, based on end-to-end product lifecycle management, is to provide custom-made, innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions for our customers that improve their bottom-line and market share.

Your benefits

  • Quickly re-integrate products back into your supply chain or manage the efficient and speedy flow of goods into our global repair network
  • Maximize the recovery value of returned and excess inventory by driving decisions on Panalpina's business-to-business and consumer-recovery channels
  • Meet your service level agreement (SLA) requirements with our specific repair service programs that use leading-edge tools in a quality-conscious and parsimonious environment
  • Cut down lead time, inventory and distribution costs with our on-demand product configuration that augments efficient lean supply of (re)configure-to-order products
  • Manage your product lifecycles, generate new cash flow and support responsibility to the environment by using Panalpina's product refurbishment, tear down and re-work processes
  • Improve efficiency of repair operations and increase visibility on product defect trends (and causes) to reduce future and/or repeat returns
  • Reduce waste and generate profit through integrating forward and reverse logistics

What we offer

  • A global network of over 250 logistics facilities to screen your products close to local demand
  • Post-sale solutions that incorporate returns management, such as: transportation/warehousing, spare parts management, RMA management (RTB: return to base), replacement management (SWAP), and that regulate the disposition channels in line with customers' requirements
  • Manifold priority options on hand ranging from standard repair to our express service on system, module or component level, all designed to assiduously and comprehensively test, diagnose and repair to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications
  • Remanufacturing service programs created together with customers, including: hardware repair, firmware updates, software upgrades, cosmetic reconditioning and functional testing
  • Environmentally-conscious repair operations that are certified to ISO:14001, DIN:66399 and WEEE to ensure compliant recycling or disposal of your products
  • An environmental management system that minimizes impact to the environment by reusing, recycling and adopting good distribution practices that preserve raw materials and energy
  • Sophisticated failure data analysis techniques to thoroughly perform root-cause failure analysis using a whole array of technologies and methodologies
  • A closed-loop logistics model that integrates forward and reverse logistics

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Cutting-edge research

Panalpina is a leading member of the European Remanufacturing Council, a group of organizations that is helping to enable the transition from linear to circular supply chains.


Panalpin's research center (PARC) has also published research into how supply chains are transitioning from the linear, take-make-dispose supply chains of today, to the circular supply chains of the future.


Research by PARC was presented to G7 leaders in Canada in 2018 to demonstrate the importance and role of supply chains in transitioning to a circular economy.