Mandatory VGM data

Regardless of how you chose to submit your VGM data, the following information is mandatory for every ocean freight container (full container load, FCL):


  • Panalpina booking reference number
  • Container serial number(s)
  • Date and time when weight was determined
  • Verified gross mass and unit of measure (kg / lbs)
  • Full name of shipper’s employee who is authorized to submit VGM data (in capital letters)
  • Weighing party certification number (if applicable)
  • Weighing method: 1) or 2) (optional, but strongly recommended)
  • Name of third-party VGM provider (if VGM is not determined by the shipper directly)


We advise you to keep all records related to box weighing (e.g. weighing notes and calculation sheets) for documentation checks or inspections by the national surveillance authorities.


NOTE: For less than container load (LCL) shipments, no VGM data has to be determined or submitted by the shipper.