Order and Freight Management

inbound order management process

In Panalpina’s order management product, customers benefit from enhanced order processing capabilities, improved visibility, automated exception management and alerts – providing both a more panoramic and granular view of the business environment.


The new service addresses critical issues in the customers’ supply chain operations:

  • Managing suppliers
  • Optimizing the shipment planning
  • Optimizing process execution



  • handles the process from purchase order issuance to final destination delivery,
  • manages milestone activities and disruptions,
  • improves the tangible phases of the international supply chain



  • Reduced lead times
  • Lower overall logistics spend
  • Reduced net working capital


The improvement of order and shipment visibility, by synchronizing carriers and vendors to the MyPanalpina+ collaboration platform, enables automated exception management and alerting. This culmination of information allows Panalpina to optimize the process through reliable analytics. Customers benefit from advanced key performance indicators (KPI) management, extended business intelligence and improved supply chain performance and compliance.