Integration into Customers’ Supply Chains

Panalpina steps up its order and freight management capabilities and becomes a more integral part of customers’ complex supply chains by introducing MyPanalpina+.


MyPanalpina+ is a highly configurable Order- and Freight Management application, allowing Panalpina to shape the processes and applications to fit the specific business needs of each customer. Identifying exceptions allow for improve workflows for both the customers and Panalpina’s operations, synergizing the communication between supply chain partners, enabling consistent, reliable and timely inventory visibility throughout the international supply chain. As such, customers are outsourcing their vendor coordination, shipment optimization and document management services to Panalpina’s Managed Solutions. This increased supply chain integration allows customers to focus on running their business rather than managing their international shipments.


MyPanalpina+ can either be integrated with the systems of our customers and their suppliers, or can be used as a stand-alone supply chain visibility and execution system.


MyPanalpina+ entails complex information sharing and a high level of coordination between several parties. Thus, our IT systems need to be able to speak directly with those of our customers – and with those of the suppliers, and other third-party logistics providers.


Panalpina fosters a collaborative approach demanding a high level of trust and commitment in terms of resources and deployed technologies.